This Man Rescues a Stray Kitten, She Can’t Stop Thanking Him…

This Man Rescues a Stray Kitten, She Can’t Stop Thanking Him…

On their own, stray kittens have a difficult time surviving.

It’s all too natural for them to crumble to the elements, and without a mother to protect and educate them, they’re unlikely to grow up.

This tiny kitten was filthy dirty and starving when she was discovered.
They couldn’t leave this little kid alone, so her rescuers took her, ignoring the fact that they’d have to deal with their envious cats when they returned home.

They attempted to feed her daily cat food, but she was too fragile and frail to do so on her own. So they fried some chicken and sliced it into little bite-size pieces, and she nodded off to sleep after being fed.

They found that she couldn’t keep one of her eyes open.

It was feared that it had been wounded, but it had been patched up and looked much better.

She now acts as though she’s a little lady, and she’s even allowed us to pet her.
She purrs a lot, and she purrs loudly!

They brought her a doll to play with after another nap, and she quickly began playing with it.
He just needed a little affection and care to behave like a regular kitten again.

She is now happier, safer, and full of love for her rescuers after just a few days!
“She likes to take my face and lick it, or just headbutt my lips.”

Mimi is her name, and she snuggles up to her humans whenever she gets the opportunity.
Little Mimi is ecstatic that they rescued her from a dreadful existence in the wild.

Watch the video of her playing:

And now she’s here, doing all those little kittens her age should be doing.
It’s wonderful to see Mimi in a loving forever home where she will get all of the love and care she needs.

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