Starving Cat on the Streets Gets Adopted and He Can’t Stop Smiling-..

Starving Cat on the Streets Gets Adopted and He Can’t Stop Smiling-..

It’s really heartbreaking to hear of cats who have been mistreated or who have fallen on hard times.

Although, happily, the world is full of compassionate individuals that would go out of their way to support kitties who have been neglected or who have lived on the streets.

Fortunately, this kitty was spotted only in time.
An emaciated cat weighing less than 5 pounds was given a second chance… See how pleased he is by scrolling down!

Meet Wallace!

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary’s Karyn Poplin saw an urgent appeal on Facebook for support for a cat who had escaped into a neighborhood.

“I didn’t need to see anything more except this first photo to know I wanted to help,” Karyn clarified. She had no idea how long he had been on the streets or how long he had been hungry.

“We know he used to be someone’s cat. I’m not sure whether he’s had a streak of poor luck or if he’s been dropped. We took him in because his owners never reported him and he was not microchipped.”

Wallace is between the ages of 8 and 10, has a few missing teeth, and weights just 5 pounds. “He’s all legs!” says the narrator. “Wow, he’s too tall!”

When they were at the vet’s office, Wallace couldn’t stop purring and smiling!

“He’s got a motor on him! He was SO happy to have someone pay some attention to him.”

They brought him a bowl of rice, and for the first time in who knows how long, he had a full stomach!

“We believe he will make a full recovery. This is not a good weight for a cat!”

Wallace has now found a lifelong mate and settled into his forever home.

“His roommate, Oswald, is 20 years old and they get along swimmingly. Oswald takes the soft chairs, while Wallace takes the window.”

He LOVES head scratches.

He’s glad to be a house kitty now that he’s got a comfortable warm cozy spot by the window. He’s even got some lunch on his chin, which he’s very delighted with!

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