Pretty homeless For The First Time In Months, A Cat Opens Her Eyes, Surprising Everyone With Her Beauty

Pretty homeless For The First Time In Months, A Cat Opens Her Eyes, Surprising Everyone With Her Beauty

The lovely feline Cotton, the cat, was hungry, diseased, and on the verge of death on the streets. Since his eyes were scabbed over with mange and he was being eaten alive by mites, it was almost difficult for him to find food without using his eyes.

But then came the arrival of his guardian angel. As Carmen Weinberg, the founder of Animal Friends Project Inc., received him, she was heartbroken and promptly took him into her care…

“Because the mites were so horrible, the pretty cat couldn’t even see or open his eyes,” Carmen told The Dodo. “It must have been terrifying for him not to be able to see out there. He was all alone and very thin due to his inability to find food.”

Carmen helped Cotton regain his strength by feeding him hearty meals and treating his mange with creams, coconut oil, and antibiotics after he was washed up. “As the days past, we could only see his strained body begin to relax,” she added. “At long last, he was able to relax without scratching too much.”

“Because they can’t often ask for support, cats like Cotton depend on humans to recover… I’m sure a lot of people passed him by because he looked ill, but he was just looking for someone to take a chance on him.”…

Cotton, though unable to see, started to sense that he had been granted a second chance at life, and the two formed a close friendship. Carmen’s treatment and nourishment helped him overcome his many health problems, and the transformation was amazing. And then, the day he was able to open his eyes again was a joyous day.

“We believed he was blind and would be blind for the rest of his life,” Carmen said. “The vet was concerned that his eyes would be affected even though he survived, but they were not. It came as such a pleasant surprise. His eyes were simply stunning.”

Cotton’s transition from a dirty bag of bones to a fit and dashing tomcat was complete, with one eye a vibrant blue and the other hazel…

He was as surprised as anybody to regain his vision, and he adapted to life with Carmen so well that she refused to put him up for adoption, not that he was short on suitors! “We received so many applications for him because of his appearance, but in the end, I saw how attached he had become to me,” she said. “I didn’t want to bring him through another major transition. He’d been through so much already.”

Carmen’s mission is critical for cats in South Florida, where overpopulation is a serious concern. “After seeing the large number of abandoned cats in South Florida, I wanted to launch Animal Friends Project,” she told olly.

The most of these animals wanted to be spayed or neutered, and many were sick or wounded, but no one seemed to be doing anything to support them. People would become acquainted with the animals and try to support them if they were made aware of the problem.”…

“My husband, wife, daughter, and sister all contribute somewhat, and I have a few volunteers and fosters, but I do the most of the planning and work myself because I am the one who visits the low-income neighborhoods where the majority of the cats reside.

The challenge is that every time I visit these communities, I encounter ill animals, and it’s difficult to do stuff like educate and fundraise when tending to the sick cats. There was a lot of commuting to and from vet appointments.”

“Please don’t dismiss them,” I advise. Animals should be helped by everyone. Many sick stray cats are friendly, and putting them in a cage and taking them to the vet is easy. People will collect money to pay for medical treatment. At the very least, start taking pictures and calling for help.”…

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