Man Spotted Nurturing Stray Kitten On The Subway Is Restoring People’s Faith In Humanity.—

Man Spotted Nurturing Stray Kitten On The Subway Is Restoring People’s Faith In Humanity.—

Trust is one of the things that is both easy to lose and difficult to regain. Normally, yes. On the New York subway, this guy was seen feeding and comforting a sick frightened stray kitten, and seeing his photos would undoubtedly restore your confidence in humanity.

Gillian Rogers, a New Yorker, is the photographer who took the cute photos of the man nursing the kitten on the subway. At first glance, the guy seemed to be your typical New York clown, seated on the subway with an orange towel draped over his lap. The woman realized the guy wasn’t alone after just a few seconds.

On the man’s lap, there was a small cat. The kitten even poked his head outside the towel when the man was bottle-feeding him at one point. Rogers’ heart was overflowing with joy as he watched the man tenderly and compassionately care for the poor stray.

Rogers couldn’t let the guy off the train without first learning the story behind the cute scene. She approached the guy, who happily informed her that the poor skinny kitten had been discovered in an alley. His mother was nowhere to be seen, and he was mewing angrily. He was well aware that if he left her there, she would most likely perish from the cold or starvation.

The guy took the kitten, bundled her up warmly, and went out to buy a bottle and kitten milk for her to drink. At the precise moment, Rogers’ heart melted. This meeting meant a lot more to her than the ones she’d seen on the subway.

Rogers is the founder of Pet Rescue Squad Inc., which takes care of stray animals on a daily basis. She was overjoyed to see someone else who is as concerned with animals in distress as she is. Thank you for going out of your way to help the poor stray in need, anonymous guy.

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