In only a year, a cat with a rare fur condition goes from black to white.

In only a year, a cat with a rare fur condition goes from black to white.

When you have a pet for a long time, you get used to how they look, and can easily recognize them in comparison to any other pets. But imagine that one day your cat or dog suddenly change their look. Nicole Böhm, from Germany, adopted 2 kittens in 2016, and everything was fine until she noticed that something strange was going on with one of them. Elli, who used to be a black-and-white tuxedo cat, started to turn white right before her owner’s eyes.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve discovered how Elli’s appearance has evolved over time, and her tale is told below.

Elli was an ordinary tuxedo cat before her hair began to turn white one day.

Elli’s unusual color transformation started after her trainer spotted a few flecks of white on her once solid black hair. Elli was diagnosed with vitiligo, a rare skin and hair disease that induces the loss of pigmentation, after Nicole took her to the veterinarian. Vitiligo may be followed by other medical conditions in some circumstances, but Elli was otherwise well.

What started off as a few white flecks on Elli’s body quickly evolved into something utterly unexpected.

In the months following her vet visit, Nicole watched how Elli’s patches of white grew bigger day after day, giving her a completely new appearance. Elli’s fur transformed so much that it took her only a year to become a white cat with a few black marks on her face and body. Surprisingly enough, her look is still changing, and she is probably on her way to becoming all white. “She’s still changing every day, and I love her more and more,” Nicole said.

Nicole uses her Instagram account to bring her fans up to date with Elli’s transitions, posting collages of Elli’s appearance before and after the changes. Elli’s sister Rosie, on the other hand, hasn’t changed at all, because she’s basically the same tuxedo cat Nicole adopted in 2016.

Elli’s character hasn’t improved after drastic external changes.

Elli does not look the same as she did a year earlier, but she is still the same cat on the inside. “Her disposition is the same as it has always been. Nicole said, “It doesn’t matter to her.” “She is just as adorable, lovely, and playful as she was the first day.” Rosie doesn’t seem shocked by her sister’s transformations, and the two get along swimmingly as well.

What do you think of Elli’s unusual story? Would you be surprised if all of a sudden your pet’s looks started to change?

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