Cute Kitty in Police ‘Custody’ After It Was Caught Napping in PDRM Officer’s Car Engine.–

Cute Kitty in Police ‘Custody’ After It Was Caught Napping in PDRM Officer’s Car Engine.–

Have you been caught? That’s not the case, particularly with such a cute face!

Any pet owners and lovers are acquainted with how these lovable adventurous animals check out the strangest places to play and sleep in. When it tried to snooze in the engine compartment of a PDRM officer’s car two days ago, it found itself in the literal hands of the court.

Inspector Mohd Syukri Abdul, a senior police officer from the Northern Brigade General Operations Forces (PGA), was taken aback when he heard a soft mewing sound coming from inside his vehicle as he drove from his home in Bidor, Perak, to the police station in Ulu Kinta.

He quickly tested his vehicle and discovered some useful cargo riding shotgun in his blue Proton Suprima.

The hilarious encounter was shared on PDRM’s Facebook page :

“The kitten was safely rescued from the car with the aid of some of the police, and was given some food and a safe place to stay.”

Inspector Syukri was thanked in the post for his kindness and alertness in rescuing the vulnerable little kitty from what may have been a life-threatening situation. With more than 205 tweets and 4,300 views, the heartwarming message has gone viral.

Internet users gave amusing explanations for why the curious cat ended up in a car’s engine compartment. “The kitten was dreaming of being a police officer, which is why he wanted to hide in a police officer’s car!” one Facebook user said.

Syukri has since updated the viral article with new information about the adorable kitty, which has been nicknamed “Suprima” after the car it was spotted in. Although the officer acknowledged that he was currently unable to provide for his canine partner, he told the public that he would assist in whatever way he could.

“One of the female officers here at the North Brigade is now caring for Suprima.”

It seems that PDRM is about to hire its first feline officer! What are your opinions on this?

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