Seven Years Later, Missing Cat Found 10 Miles From Family Home-..–

Seven Years Later, Missing Cat Found 10 Miles From Family Home-..–

It had been seven long years since Kiki, the Lapthorne family’s favorite feline, had vanished. Their daring torbie girl had vanished in the Stowmarket district of Suffolk, England. They finally came to terms with the fact that she was no longer a part of their lives.

But, after seven years of mystery, Kiki has returned to her original owners!

As a runaway, the roaming feline had just been taken into a nearby shelter. And the workers at the Stowmarket branch of Haughley & Thurston Vets had followed their normal procedures. They searched her for a microchip after her initial examination.

And, surprise, surprise, Kiki, the tortie/tabby colored kitten, had one too!

They tracked down her original family using the details contained in the microchip database. They were stunned to find that Kiki had been discovered ALIVE. Not to mention the fact that she was discovered 10 miles from her house!

‘It was a regular Monday morning,’ says Kiki’s owner, Simon Lapthorne. ‘I was sitting at my desk when the phone rang, and a vet told me that Kiki had been brought in as a stray.’ Really, I was taken aback!’

We had given up hope that she would return for a long time. She’s never been one to curl up by the heater – she’s always been a risk taker.

Not knowing anything about what Kiki had experienced over the missing seven years, she was thankfully relatively healthy.

It’s likely she was able to either find a stray or feral colony to reside with. Regular feeders and colony caretakers travel to “clowders” of outdoor cats to feed and monitor their health daily. This doesn’t attract more cats necessarily, as many think. But once there is a controlled care and available food sources (human or natural), cats will usually remain in the area. If they are removed, it’s not long before others move into the location.

It’s quite likely that she was temporarily accepted into someone’s house. However, she was displaying signs of “wear and tear” when she arrived at the rescue. Kiki wanted to do some exercise to gain some weight. She did have a cut on her hand, but they made sure she was taken care of before returning her to her family.

Mr. Lapthorne was told that Kiki was very cold, slim, and had a wound on her hand. ‘They were fantastic,’ he says. ‘I had to make sure she was in decent shape when she returned home.’

In the meantime, their family has expanded, and she now has four children to spoil. The next day, they were able to pick up Kiki and welcome her back into their family.

And her human family would undoubtedly credit the one precious, rice-grain-sized wonder that enabled it.

The shelter even took the time to go into why this is so crucial. Jax was one of the people who joined their campaigns. He’s a little tuxedo kitten who demonstrated how easy it was to insert the microchip.



‘This is a great example of why microchipping is such a good idea. It would have been impossible to reunite us otherwise,’ Simon adds. ‘I’d love to know what she’s been up to for the past seven years’.

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